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SCINCO has established branches in United States, China, and Taiwan, and has laid a strong foundation in this field.
SCINCO is a top-ranking analytical instruments company around the world. Our branded products have sold over 60 countries all over the world.

SCINCO CHINA has been opened in the center of the economy of China, Shanghai.

In 2004, SCINCO China was opened in an economic central city, Shanghai of China, which leading the world economy and growing quickly. SCINCO China operates 32 agents in the important stronghold throughout China, and it is able to provide fast and high-quality service. They cope with the fast change of the Chinese market by employing excellent local staff and also position firmly in China through aggressive marketing.
Publicizing the superiority of SCINCO’s products such as UV-Vis, Fluorescence Spectrometer, Thermal Analyzers, etc. Expanding the position in China as an exclusive distributor of DISTEK and CILAS, and provide fast customer service through the agent network in the whole China.


2018.06 Host the Users Meeting(Shanghai)
2017.04 Pharticipate in the Mid-West Pharmaceutical Tech summit (Xi'an)
2017.09 Chengdu Office Open (Chengdu)
2017.10 Participate in the Pharmacon (Shanghai)
2016.03 Participate in the Consistency Evaluation Forum(jinan)
2016.05 Participate in the Pharmaceutical Validation Forunm (Hangzhou)
2016.06 Host the Distek Service Training (Shanghai)
2016.06 Launched Tianjin Office
2016.06 Participate in the Dissolution Technology Forum (Tianjin)
2016.07 Host the Users Meeting (Shanghai)
2016.10 Participate in Analytica China 2016
2016.10 Participate in the Dissolution Technology symposium (Nanjing)
2015.04 Participate in the PHEXTOUR seminar (Changzhou)
2015.05 Host the Users Meeting (Shanghai)
2015.11 Participate in the PHEXTOUR seminar (Qingdao)
2015.11 Participate in the PQM seminar (Beijing)
2014.09 Participate in Analytica China 2014
2014.11 Participate in the DDF seminar
2013.05 Host the Chinese Distributor Meeting
2012.12 Host the Chinese Distributor Meeting
2012.12 Host the Users Meeting (Shanghai)
2011.11 Launched Shenzhen Office
2010.03 Host the USP Seminar (Changzhou, Suzhou)
2010.04 Host the USP Seminar (Taizhou, Shanghai)
2010.05 Host the USP Seminar (Shijiazhuang)
2010.08 Host the USP Seminar (Chengdu, Guangzhou)
2010.09 Analytica China Exhibition
2010.10 Host the USP Seminar (Hangzhou)
2010.11 Independent legal entity, SCINCO (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD., established in Shanghai China
2009.03 Host the USP Seminar (Jinan, Tianjin)
2009.04 Join in the Int'l Powder Exhibition
2009.05 Host the USP Seminar (Nanjing)
2009.07 Host the USP Seminar (Guangzhou,Hangzhou, Shenyang)
2009.11 Join in the BCEIA exhibition
2008.03 Acquired the exclusive distributor right of CILAS PSA in CHINA territory
2008.03 Participated in CISILE 2008
2008.07 Hold the forth agents in China meeting
2008.09 Participated in Analytica China 2009
2008.11 SCINCO CHINA moved to a larger facility in Shanghai Land Mark
2008.11 Hold the USP Seminar
2007.09 Hold the third agents in China meeting
2007.10 Participated in BCEIA 2007
2006.01 Acquired the CPA (Patten Approval Certificate of the Measuring Instrument of the People's Republic of China)
2006.03 Hold the second agents in China meeting
2006.09 Participated in Analytica China 2006
2006.11 SCINCO CHINA moved to a larger facility in Shanghai World Trade Tower
2005.04 Acquired the exclusive distributor right of DISTEK Dissolution Tester in CHINA territory
2005.05 Participated in ISCL 2005
2005.05 Hold the first agents in China meeting
2004.11 Established SCINCO China
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