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Diffuse reflectance is a highly sensitive technique for analyzing powder and solid samples. Usually, the sample is ground into a fine powder with KBr, and then can be measured without making particles. This is an analysis accessory designed for powders, films with uneven surfaces, or solids that are relatively difficult to pre-process.



1. Need to be mixed with KBr and ground into fine powder, but no need to press tablets.
2. The background and the sample to be tested can be placed at the same time.
3. Suitable for single or mixed samples of multiple powders, such as tablets, paints, polymers.
4. High-sensitivity optical design provides ng-level detection sensitivity.


It can analyze drugs, inorganic solids, minerals and chemical powder drugs.

Options and Accessories

1. Basic diffuse reflection accessories
2. Advanced diffuse reflection accessories
3. Top-mounted diffuse reflection accessories