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FTIR Spectrometer
FTIR Spectrometer

Nicolet iS5
FTIR Spectrometer

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The Nicolet iS5 FT-IR spectrometer delivers maximum confidence and reliability, by providing the ideal performance and fit for product assurance testing and material identification. The spectrometers form factor and low cost-of-ownership make it a perfect match for analytical laboratories seeking to deploy multiple units across manufacturing facilities worldwide.


. Spectral range: 7,800~350 cm-1 
. Signal to noise ratio: 35,000:1
. Spectral resolution: Better than 0.5 cm-1 
. Beam splitter: Ge-on-KBr
. Detector: DTGS



1. Ideal for routine laboratory analysis
2. Lightweight and convenient
3. Compact and rugged design
4. Excellent signal-to-noise ratio and sensitivity
5. The most popular model at present



1. Qualitative and quantitative
2. Chemistry, chemical material analysis
3. Biomedicine, biomaterial analysis
4. Feedstock materials, final product control
5. Quality control, quality assurance


Options and Accessories

1. FTIR accessories
2. Pike accessories