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TGA-IR Module
TGA-IR Module

TGA-IR Module

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TGA measures the change in weight of a sample as a function of temperature or time. This change in weight is usually accompanied by an evolution of gases caused by sample decomposition. FT-IR spectroscopy is used to identify these evolved gases to help determine sample characteristics.


.Consistent with typical TGA purge flows of 35 to 100 mL/min
.Windows:KBr / ZnSe
.Detector:DTGS / MCT


1. Applicable to most if the TGA brands in the market
2. The module is pre-aligned on the sample compartment base-plate for easy installation
3. Fully processed infrared spectra of evolving gases are displayed during experiment
4. Integrated digital temperature controllers provide individual control of flow cell and transfer line temperatures


1. Product Deformulation
2. Causes of Product Failures
3. Research-level gas analysis
4. Rubbers, Polymers and Resins material analysis

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