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FTIR Spectrometer
FTIR Spectrometer

Nicolet Summit PRO
FTIR Spectrometer

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Compact, capable, and connected – The Nicolet Summit Pro FTIR spectrometer delivers reliable data by minimizing the steps needed to measure and identify materials – all in a rugged, compact footprint. An integrated Windows computer allows the instrument to stand alone. An optional touchscreen interface helps save space and allow outdoor experiments.

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  Summit LITE Summit X Summit PRO
LightDrive Optical Engine
Warranty on LightDrive laser, source and interferometer 5-year 10-year 10-year
Pharmacopeia workflows
Spectral range 8,000~350 cm-1 8,000~350 cm-1 8,000~350 cm-1
Signal to noise ratio 14,000:1 35,000:1 40,000:1
Spectral resolution Better than 0.6cm-1 Better than 0.6cm-1 Better than 0.45cm-1
Included library/reference spectra 850 5,000 10,000
User Interface USB USB Integrated Computer
Touchscreen available
Internal motorized aperture

. Spectral range: 8,000~350 cm-1 
. Signal to noise ratio: 40,000:1
. Spectral resolution: Better than 0.45 cm-1 
. Beam splitter: Ge-on-KBr
. Detector: TEC-DTGS


1. Ideal for routine laboratory analysis
2. Computer integrated, ideal for outdoor analysis
3. Lightweight and convenient
4. Compact and rugged design
5. Excellent signal-to-noise ratio and sensitivity


1. Qualitative and quantitative
2. Chemistry, chemical material analysis
3. Biomedicine, biomaterial analysis
4. Feedstock materials, final product control
5. Quality control, quality assurance

Options and Accessories

1. FTIR accessories
2. Pike accessories